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Thursday 16th March 2017

We continue with the “Purpose Driven Life” today looking at Purpose 4 – You were shaped for serving God

“Thinking Like a Servant”

“My servant Caleb thinks differently and follows me completely” (Numbers 14 v 24)

“Think of yourself the way Christ Jesus thought of himself” (Philippians 2 v 5)


To be a servant requires a mental shift, a change in your attitudes. God is always more interested in why we do something than in what we do. Attitudes count more than achievements. King Amaziah lost God’s favor because “he did what was right in the sight of the LORD, yet not with a true heart.”

Real servants serve God with a mind-set of five attitudes.

  1. Servants think more about others than about themselves
  2. Servants think like stewards, not owners
  3. Servants think about their work, not what others are doing
  4. Servants base their identity on Christ
  5. Servants think about ministry as an opportunity, not an obligation

Imagine what could happen if just 10 percent of all Christians in the world got serious about their role as real servants. Imagine all the good that could be done. Are you willing to be one of those people? It doesn’t matter what your age is, God will use you if you will begin to act and think like a servant. Albert Schweitzer said, “The only really happy people are those who have learned how to serve.”

Have a great day

Pastor Peter Jordan (adapted from the “Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren)

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