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Monday 20th March 2017

This morning, we continue with the “Purpose Driven Life” and we look at our 5th Purpose – You were made for Mission.

Sharing your life message

“Those who believe in the Son of God have the testimony of God in them” (1 John 5 v10)

“Your lives are echoing the Master’s Word….The news of your faith in God is out. We don’t even have to say anything anymore – you’re the message” (1 Thessalonians 1 v 8)


When you became a believer, you also became God’s messenger. God wants to speak to the world through you. Paul said, “We speak the truth before God, as messengers of God.”

You may feel you don’t have anything to share, but that’s the Devil trying to keep you silent. You have a storehouse of experiences that God wants to use to bring others into his family. The Bible says, “Those who believe in the Son of God have the testimony of God in them.” Your Life Message has four parts to it:

  • Your testimony: the story of how you began a relationship with Jesus
  • Your life lessons: the most important lessons God has taught you
  • Your godly passions: the issues God shaped you to care about most
  • The Good News: the message of salvation

What are you willing to do so that the people you know will go to heaven? Invite them to church? Share your story? Take them a meal? Pray for them every day until they are saved?

Your mission field is all around you. Don’t miss the opportunities God is giving you. The Bible says, “Make the most of your chances to tell others the Good News. Be wise in all your contacts with them.”

Is anyone going to be in heaven because of you? Will anyone in heaven be able to say to you, “I want to thank you. I’m here because you cared enough to share the Good News with me”? Imagine the joy of greeting people in heaven whom you helped get there. The eternal salvation of a single soul is more important than anything else you will ever achieve in life. Only people are going to last forever. In these devotions you have learned God’s five purposes for your life on earth: He made you to be a member of his family, a model of his character, a magnifier of his glory, a minister of his grace, and a messenger of his Good News to others. Of these five purposes, the fifth can only be done on earth. The other four you will keep doing in eternity in some way. That’s why spreading the Good News is so important; you only have a short time to share your life message and fulfill your mission.

Have a great day!

Pastor Peter Jordan (adapted from the “Purpose Driven Life”)

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