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Sawyers Church Daily Devotions

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Proverbs 27
We all need wise spirit filled, God centred, encouraging, loving voices in our lives regardless of our age, spiritual maturity or any other factor.

Proverbs 27 highlights a few reasons why having wise voices is really important…

Verse 2: Let someone else praise you, not your own mouth
Verse 5: An open rebukeis better than hidden love
Verse 9: The heartfelt counsel of a friend is as sweet as perfume and incense.
Verse 17: As iron sharpens iron,so a friend sharpens a friend

Who do you have in your life who praises you, offers rebuke, brings heartfelt counsel and sharpens you in your walk with God?

If you’ve got a person or people like that, make the effort to connect with them soon.

If you had someone but don’t at the moment, reconnect with someone or try and find some people of wise counsel for you

If you’ve never had a spiritual mum / dad/ mentor…. then pray about who you could ask, who might inspire you and help you develop into everything that God intended you to be and do?

God Bless
Jon Keel

Sawyers Church