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We continue today by exploring different Hebrew words for praise and worship
Psalm 47:1 “Oh, clap your hands, all you peoples! Shout to God with the voice of triumph!”

Taqa – to slap the hands together as; to clatter, clang, sound, blow, clap or strike.

Macha – to strike the hands together in exaltation

Clapping in worship isn’t just a round of applause, it’s a outward declaration of an inward faith. It’s a celebratory response to the victory of God and it’s a declaration of war against the enemy

Nakah which means to strike or go forward. In 2 Kings 11:12 it’s used when Joash is anointed King. Clapping can become a picture of breaking down strongholds and enemies.

Clapping in the spiritual sense sends spiritual shock waves that has the capacity to shake the enemies strongholds and push him out of place.

Today make some space to worship God and clap to Him. Let your praise become an outward expression of joy.

What footholds and strongholds are in your life, what do you need to battle against in prayer. As you do clap onto God for He is victorious. Declare victory over these things in the power of Jesus name.

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