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Wednesday 19th July 2017

Over the next few days in our daily devotions we are going to be looking at how we can keep well in regard to Mental Health.

There is one thing you must learn about stress, burnout, anxiety and depression.

From now on these things will never be far away. You may not be feeling your way along a dark forest pathway, but the woods will never be completely out of view. String a few failures together, or have a problem at home, and you may very well feel the shadows begin to blot out your view of the sun once again. You may find yourself withdrawing, searching for repose and solitude.

These suggestions (seven lessons) will help to get your resilience awakened and your engine running in the right direction.

Lesson One: do not overproduce

I don’t have to tie myself to an imaginary, unrelenting cycle to produce more, make more, or try to outdo last week’s numbers. I have just so much time in the day, and I want to do what I can with all my heart involved.

When the clock runs out, then I say, “Come back tomorrow, and I’ll have more”

In other words, I don’t want to kill myself by overproducing or doing anything without the quality that God and His people deserve. And I also want to leave time to recharge. So I have to establish some guardrails and make some restrictions in my life. The only one who can do that in your life is you! It is not a board decision or your response to a spouse’s complaints. It has to be you!

Put those guardrails in place today

Lesson Two: steward your energy

A person’s greatest asset is not necessarily time. It is energy. A person with energy can accomplish more in four hours than another would in four days. With energy, a father can share in an activity with his son or daughter with huge and lingering memories that simply spending time with them would never accomplish.

Have a great day!

Peter Jordan

Senior Pastor at Sawyers Church

Sawyers Church