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Thursday 27th July 2017

With our lives surrendered to God and seeking first His Kingdom, there are three things we can do with our money – the first is spend it

Spend it – The verses we read from the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 6 describe God in two ways – He is our Master and He is our Father.
God knows what we need and how to look after us. God knows we have needs that money is required to satisfy those needs. Employment is the way in which God defines for us to earn money, which in turn meets our needs. God loves us and wants us to be satisfied so don’t feel guilty about a holiday or gym membership or meal out with friends if that is what you need.

However, what we need is not always the same as what we want. We should make sure that God determines what we do with our resources and not our own desires – God needs to be on the throne. We need to be fully surrendered to Him in our spending (we need to ask the question – is our decision to purchase something seeking first God’s Kingdom and His righteousness? This is a good gauge)

Here are some other good questions to ask when spending money

Do you need it?
Do you need it now?
Could you borrow it or hire it?
Would you actually use it?
Can you afford it?
Will having it help you serve God better?
Will having it hinder your worship and faithfulness to Him?
Does having it cause suffering to others?
Who are you helping by buying it?
Another great way to handle money is by setting a budget. You can find someone to help you with this or speak to Christians Against Poverty who help people cope with debt.

Tomorrow we will look at saving money

Have a great day!

Peter Jordan
Senior Pastor at Sawyers Church

Sawyers Church