Do we see?

Every day in our house there is a phrase that I say every day just as I am about to leave the house and it always starts with these words “Emma have you seen my….. key/ wallet/ phone/ church keys/ shoes” etc. Em must have some super powers as she stands up, walks straight into the front room and finds the very item I could not. Usually 9 times out of ten right in front of me, under a t-shirt or a book or even in plain sight. She then usually asks me, “Why do you always leave it until just before you leave the house before trying to find this stuff?!”. The truth is … I do not know why!

So often in life we do not see what is right before us and it takes someone else to point it out. This is exactly what Jesus is saying here in John 4:35.

You know the saying, ‘Four months between planting and harvest.’ But I say, wake up and look around. The fields are already ripe for harvest.

We need to ask God to wake us up and for us to see the harvest that is right in front of us, on the train to work, in the café when you are having coffee, when you walking down the road or sitting with you mates. Everywhere Jesus went He saw people with a need for His love. This could have been love in the form healing, preaching , casting out demons or eating with the outcasts but however this looked, Jesus saw people and acted intentionally.

Who and how does God want you to see and act today?

Pray that God gives you His eyes to see with and His compassion to move you into action.

Sawyers Church