Are you ready?
I remember the days before our two children when we could get up and be ready to go out at the drop of a hat. Now we need at least an hour to get everyone ready and prepared for the day. Emma endeavours to leave the house first thing with the boys when I go to work, but gone are the days of just grabbing our phone and keys. We now need nappies in two sizes, 4 spare pairs of clothes, wet wipes, cloths, bibs, snacks, bottles, books, the toy that Malachi has decided he needs for that day, teething rings for J.B, push chair, blankets, coats, suncream, Judah’s food and so the list goes on.
Preparation is key and Emma is great at keeping a bag packed with all the nappies and stuff ready to go and in each season she has a box ready for summer, winter and autumn that she can throw in the car ready to go. But still despite this some how Malachi and Judah seem to slow us down with 101 questions about the day ahead, the shoes he has hidden and the clothes he picked out but now does not want to wear. Then Judah will be sick on his clean onesie just as we are about to get out the door Sigh….
Many of us know the key to success in life, work and even having a good holiday is being prepared. The same is true with the harvest . Preparation is key.

2 Timothy 4. 2
Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction.
We need to be ready at any time to share our faith, give our story of what God has been doing in our life, to pray for the sick and even cast out the demonic. Paul realised the seasons change but whatever the season there is always work to do for God’s Kingdom.