Daily devtion header.jpgAll this talk of relationships and serving others can cause us to be distracted from the greatest relationship we have – our relationship with God himself

Jesus clearly says that before loving people, the greatest commandment is to love God (Matthew 22:37)

Your relationship with God is more important than any other relationship that you’ll ever have in your entire life. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Your relationship with God determines your eternity

Having a relationship with God determines where your will spend all of eternity after death. This relationship can only begin by repenting of your sin and turning to Christ for salvation.

  1. Your relationship with God powers you up for daily living

A thriving relationship with God will power you up so that you can live a full life daily. When you prioritise your relationship with God, you receive more than you can ever give to Him.

Having good friends influence you towards the good. Having bad friends influence you towards the bad. Having godly friends influence you to be godly, but having God as your Father, your friend and your everything transforms you into Christ’s likeness.

  1. Your relationship with God will last for all of eternity

Everything we have in this earth will fade away, be it riches, friendships, connections with big people, and even ourselves. Yet, one thing that will not fade away is God Himself (see Matthew 24:35).

Today, take an MOT of your relationships.

Where does your relationship with God fit into your relationship priorities?

What adjustments can you make to prioritise your relationship with God

God Bless


Sawyers Church