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Tuesday 17th October 2017

This morning, we continue our gardening as we pull out the weeds and put down the feeder that will enable us to have flourishing relationships.

The Weed – Wounds of the Past

We all carry marks of our lives so far and some of those marks have left us damaged. We bear mental, emotional, spiritual and relational scars whether we like it or not. Some, we have been healed from, others we are in the process of recovery from and others are sometimes suppressed deep within our soul where people can never see them.

Whatever your history, the fact is that you bring any such wounds from the past into every new relationship you start including marriage unless you have completed a process of recovery and healing. Left unattended, old hurts, grudges, attitudes and patterns of dealing with conflict will eventually reappear, just like a little weed – the weed of past wounds – and they will choke the new relationship.

The Feed – Personal Health and Wholeness

We need to make a commitment to personnel health and wholeness. That means understanding what “wellness” looks like and taking steps to become it. By so doing, you give the gift of a “healthy you” to your partner in the relationship.

  • Healthy people are easy to talk to
  • Healthy people are secure
  • Healthy people get help when they need it
  • Healthy people respect themselves
  • Healthy people respect others
  • Healthy people are open
  • Healthy people are balanced

Give one another the gift of permission to get help if you need it. Never hold it against each other and concentrate on healing your own wounds. Let your attitude be: because I love you, I will be the best I can for you, and get the help I need when I need it.

If you need help in any area why not speak to one of the Pastors in the Church or Leaders in Church and they can point you in the right direction. Also, in February 2018 we are going to be starting a Freedom in Christ Course here at Sawyers Church so why not put your name down for this Course that has helped so many people.

Have a great day

Peter Jordan
Senior Pastor at Sawyers Church

Sawyers Church