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Wednesday 24 January 2018

2 Samuel 5

David becomes king over Israel

David’s third and final anointing as king over all Israel does not come by force or by manipulation. The elders of all the tribes of Israel approach him willingly and submit to his leadership.

David conquers Jerusalem

Jerusalem is in an ideal position to be David’s new capital. Firstly it is strategically positioned on the top of several hills. Secondly it is almost on the border between Benjamin and Judah and it has never before belonged to any one tribe, which will help to unify the nation.

The inhabitants of Jerusalem at this point are Jebusites. These are a group of Canaanites who have not been defeated by Israel since the time when Joshua entered the land. Now the Jebusites do not want to submit to David and even mock him, but they are defeated.

King Hiram of Tyre, on the other hand, wants to show submission to the new king of Israel, so he helps him to build a palace.

David defeats the Philistines

The Philistines have no intention of submitting to the new king of Israel. They attack David twice, but each time, David asks God for help and God gives him a unique strategy to defeat the Philistines.

What can we learn from this chapter?

David is a prototype of Jesus. Several times in the Gospels Jesus is called ‘Son of David’ or ‘King of Israel’. Just as David defeated his enemies and ruled over his kingdom, so Jesus, by his death and resurrection defeated the enemies of sin and death and now rules over his kingdom.

How are we going to respond to God’s king? Are we going to be like the Jebusites and mock him or like the Philistines and attack him? Or are we going to be like the leaders of Israel and King Hiram and submit to him? In this chapter, those who received David as God’s king were blessed and those who rejected David as God’s king were defeated. What is our relationship with Jesus Christ, God’s King? The message of the New Testament is that those who are friends of Jesus will rule with him, but those that are enemies of Jesus will eventually be destroyed.

Thomas Halley
Leadership Team Sawyers Church

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