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Wednesday 31 January 2018

This morning, we continue you our Daily Devotions on ‘5 Acts of Devotion’ as we look at the life of David.

2 Samuel 14-15

I remember my old Pastor talking about a difficult time he was going through in Ministry. He had to attend a meeting that was very difficult and his job was on the line through no fault of his own. Some leaders in the church had asked for his resignation because of some changes he had made (this was back in the 1970’s and he had used a smoke machine and flashing lights in the Sunday Evening Gospel Meeting). He told me that the first thing he did was to gather his family together and pray. One of his sons asked, “Dad what are we going to do if you get the sack?” Michael Jarvis replied, “It was God that called us here and only God can move us on”

In other words – LET GO, LET GOD!

In the passages we have read we read of Absalom’s conspiracy against David. It is interesting to observe David’s response. He gathers the faithful to him and trusts God. He leads those who are faithful to a place of worship – It is God that gives and it is God that takes away.

Later in the week we will find out what happens to Absalom but for now I can tell you that Michael Jarvis never lost his job and stayed on as Pastor of Bethel Church in Dagenham for another 20 years – and yes they continued to use the occasional smoke machine and flashing lights and people still got saved and became Christians.

When things are against us and especially when people seem to be against us – that is a time to trust God, gather some good friends around you and worship Jesus.

Have a great day!

Peter Jordan
Senior Pastor at Sawyers Church

Sawyers Church