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theeventThe Event is our monthly youth club. Consoles, sports, tuck, craft and much more.
The Event is for school years 6-13 on a Friday night and costs £4 per session (£3 with wristband). There is something for everyone and we’d love to see you there





lifegroupweblogoOn every other Thursday we run life groups at Sawyers Church. Life groups are a fantastic way to meet new people, grow in existing relationships, be inspired by leaders and have group discussions. Life groups start with half an hour of free time followed by half an hour of team games and half an hour of inspiration and discussion.




sundaylogowebDuring our Sunday Services we offer activities for young people. All the children and young people start in the service for a time of worship after which they go to their separate groups.

Sunday youth is about exploring and engaging with Bible passages and big themes integral to the Christian faith.





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