We have taken the step of faith to build on the solid foundation given to us by previous generations and start the journey of “Building for the Future”.

Sawyers Church, Brentwood has approximately 200 active adult members plus their children; people of all ages and various nationalities, mainly living within Brentwood and the surrounding towns. The Church has a dedicated and enthusiastic staff team, but in order to be able to run the numerous community initiatives described in this document, many church members volunteer their time, skills and resources. Sawyers Church is not just an organization for Sunday mornings, and is proud to be so involved in the local community.

We promote community cohesion and we work in partnership with many organizations for the benefit of the Brentwood community and further afield. Sawyers Church believes in inclusivity so that any person who wants to be part of an activity is made to feel welcome.


The Sawyers Church building on Sawyers Hall Lane, Brentwood is constantly in use. The current community projects and any future initiatives depend entirely on this building being fit for purpose and able to handle the variety of requirements of its numerous users.

As of February 2007 the Sunday morning church services were moved to Shenfield High School and subsequently Becket Keys, because the Sawyers Hall Lane building was too small to hold the main service and the additional children and youth groups. This is a short‐term solution and the goal is to redevelop the existing Sawyers Hall Lane site, to create a building suitable for all the Church and community needs.
Whilst the Sunday morning services have moved, the Church building is still constantly in use throughout the week for numerous Children and Youth activities, Crown Café and Frontline Partnership initiatives, Adult Community Events, staff offices, Frontline Partnership offices and much more.

The development of the Sawyers Church site will not just secure the future for the existing Community projects, but would also provide the opportunity for additional initiatives to further serve and assist the local community.


  • To help people to reach their full potential, irrespective of background, age, culture or circumstance
  • To follow our vision and strategy of working together, building community & making a difference
  • To continue to provide an open and welcoming Church and community where everyone is accepted and valued
  • To further develop our relationships and links with other local, national and worldwide organizations for the benefit of the community and those within it
  • To build a new Church building to serve the local community further in many existing and new ways.