Sawyers Church works hard to meet the needs of its people and the local community. We have been serving the local area for over 50 years.
Our primary purpose is to see people from all cultures, backgrounds and age groups reach their full potential as Christians. This means seeing people find the Lord Jesus as their Saviour and then being supported to become fully devoted followers of Christ.

Our purpose as a local church is to worship God in everything we do and love and reach out to the people we have the opportunity to serve both in our local community and further afield.

We aim to fulfil our purpose as a church in the following ways:purpose2

  • Working Together
  • Building Community
  • Making a Difference

In all that we do as a Church we will:

  • Lead a life that honours God
  • Love and build healthy relationships
  • Be generous and hospitable
  • Be united and learn together



You can read the full purpose statement here