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Freedom in Christ

Feb 16th: Choosing to the believe the Truth
Thomas Halley

Everyone Grows

We Believe

Nov 10th: Deliverance from the Devil’s authority
Peter Jordan
Nov 3rd: Separation Through Sin and Salvation Through Faith
Jon Keel
Oct 13th: We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God
Jon Keel

In Season, God’s Word for Today

The Letter of James

August 18th: Patience in Suffering
Thomas Halley
August 4th: God’s will for your life
Jon Keel
June 30th: Platform of prejudice to moment of mercy
Jon Keel

In Season, God’s Word for Today

June 9th: Knowing who we are in Christ
Peter Jordan
May 5th: Turning conversations spiritual
Daniel Ho

John’s Easter

March 10th: The Cross makes sense of it all
Thomas Halley

The Holy Spirit

February 10th: Being filled with the Spirit
Peter Jordan
February 3rd: How Thirsty Are You?
William Atkinson


Everybody Grows

January 20th: Everybody Grows Individually
Ben Carman
January 13th: Everybody Grows Together
Peter Jordan